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As graphic designers, we have experience in designing and developing websites, print and packaging solutions, and 3D modeling and animation using the latest software, techniques, current trends, in-depth market research and outstanding customer service. Our graphic design team push the boundaries of design and functionality to create modern designs, forward-thinking websites and e-business solutions.  We are located in Queens, NY with local and national clients. 

In addition to web design we offer digital marketing services.  Our marketing team creates multi channel strategies that build brand awareness, generate quality leads and increase sales.  Over the years we have streamlined our web design and digital marketing services to be effective and affordable.

Pulling this altogether is my love of technology. Working as an IT professional, I have installed, configured and maintained various configurations in hardware and software. This was very easy for me but understood the difficulties some business' had.  I have been able to make understanding these systems easier for them.  Along the way or through word of mouth, I have met a growing number of small business  needing this type of help.  Naturally I became a computer consultant. 

What technology and creativity does for me is truly balanced.  My true passions.


Professional Designs

We have created designs for all types of businesses.  Depending on your business' we've created simple one-page site through complex multi-page site with e-business solutions. You can always expect forward-thinking and engaging designs.

Attention to Detail

Creative Design is all about meticulous details.  When it comes to websites, the details is in the content.  Better content, the more relevant your information becomes, creating better rankings in search engine result pages.

Customer Satisfaction

As your company grows we are always available to provide help, answer questions, find solutions and make revisions as needed.  At times we'll make suggestions to help build your brand.




Alex Ramos